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Easy and Gentle Exfoliation for Lush and Supple Lips

Jun 22, 2016 | Our Services, Your Skin

Chapped lips need gentle exfoliation to effectively treat and remove dried skin. Take a little Vaseline or petroleum jelly on a soft child’s toothbrush and gently scrub in circular motions to remove old skin and moisturize at the same time. If a toothbrush isn’t handy try a little raw sugar for the scrubbing action.

Exfoliation plains out the lip level.
Lip discoloration, including darkness, blackness, dark spots or melanin pigmentation become faded by regular exfoliation.
Lips stands up with a healthy mode, a beauty and bright color alongside a natural tone.
Exfoliation eradicates dry, scaly, dead or cracked skin and cells over the lips.
You can enjoy a bright and even lip after exfoliation.
Home remedies, like olive oil, honey or coconut oil moisturizes the dry lips.
Dehydration is also noticeable after applying lip balm at the end of exfoliation.