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Should You Mask??

It’s safe to say that every woman loves a good pampering session. Yes, ladies love a good facemask, but many of us are still unsure about which ones to use and how to use them. I have put together this convenient list of facemask facts and tips that will help you soak in all the benefits facemasks can offer.  Masks are gently exfoliators; it casts off old skin to reveal a glowing complexion. Masque is a crucial component to any significant skin care regimen.

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Easy and Gentle Exfoliation for Lush and Supple Lips

Chapped lips need gentle exfoliation to effectively treat and remove dried skin. Take a little Vaseline or petroleum jelly on a soft child’s toothbrush and gently scrub in circular motions to remove old skin and moisturize at the same time. If a toothbrush isn’t handy try a little raw sugar for the scrubbing action.

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Stem Cell for Anti-Aging

Stem Cell, medical miracle may just be the secret to your aging skin and make it act young again. These renewable cells have the capacity to regenerate everything from organs to skin to nerves. And it may someday unlock medical cures for other body conditions. So,...

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About Jennifer ...

About Jennifer ...

Jennifer and her husband David have 6 children, 8 grandchildren and opened their heart and home to 14 foster children. She was crowned Mrs. Minnesota United States in 2004 and Mrs. Minnesota International in 2005. Jennifer served on the board of Prevent Child Abuse Minnesota and was instrumental working with the governor signing the declaration of April as Child Abuse Prevention Month. She is a keynote speaker for Authentic Voices, an organization bringing awareness and education about child abuse. One of her other passions is her love and support for our military men and women. Through her keynote speaking for Veterans of Foreign Wars, she helps them recognize they are true heroes.

Jennifer has a long list of credentials and education background, certified Laser Practitioner, Biochemistry, Para-Dermal Science, Esthetics, EMT, Permanent Cosmetic Technician, and Make-up Artist. She is rated top 6% in the Nation for injectionist by Allergan, the maker of botox and Juvederm. Using the latest and most advanced techniques, Jennifer achieves both excellent and natural results without compromising patient safety. She is the founder and CEO of her medical skin clinic, where she helps people region their youth.

Jennifer is constantly poised at the forefront of groundbreaking study and practice in the care of the most prominent organ of the body-the skin.  She has performed services on queens, models, celebrities, along with many other clients in other careers and lifestyles. She is supported by a team of physicians who specialize in skin disorders and corrective cosmetic surgery.

Jennifer’s takes great pride in always providing the latest and most effective technology to her patients. Her clinic is a beta test site for the FDA approval of RF to tighten skin. She has been selected to be a Luminary in the research of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) for hair growth, building of collagen and tattoo removal. She has also developed and launched her own medical skin care line in 2015.