What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored within your internet browser by the websites that you visit. In a
similar way to many other websites, www.essenceskinclinic.com places cookies on your device to
understand more about your visit and help us to enhance your experience.

How Does Essence Skin Clinic Use Cookies?

Cookies are used for various aspects of functionality such as keeping track of the items in your shopping
Cart, learning more about how you arrived at our website and to store your preferences so you don’t have
to enter them each time you visit.
See below for the types of cookies we use and the functionality they support.

Cookie Types Essence Skin Clinic Uses:

Essential Cookies
These are cookies that our website needs in order to function and if they are not accepted by you, parts
of the site won’t be usable. Examples of where these cookies are used include: to store how many items
are in your shopping Cart, to anonymously determine when you are signed in, and to determine which
currency we should use based on your preferred delivery location when displaying prices to you.

Third Party Cookies
Aside from setting cookies ourselves, we also allow carefully-selected third parties to set cookies during
your visit to our website. These organisations provide us with information on how you use
www.essenceskinclinic.com . They may also use cookies to promote our newest products and latest
offers to you on other websites based on your activity at www.essenceskinclinic.com . For example, you
may see products that you viewed at Essenceskinclinic.com presented on other websites as you move
around the internet.
Read on to learn how to disable these cookies should you wish to switch this feature off.

Analytics Cookies
We use various software tools that allow us to study, and then improve, how customers interact with our
website – this is known as website analytics. Examples of analytical tools that we use are: Google
Analytics, Adobe Analytics and User Replay.
Analytics cookies allow us to understand more about how many visitors we have to the website, how
many times they visit www.essenceskinclinic.com and how many times a user viewed specific web pages
within our site. Although analytics cookies allow us to gather specific information about the pages that you
visit and whether you have visited www.essenceskinclinic.com multiple times, we cannot use them to find
out details such as your name or address.

How Can I Manage My Cookies?
If you do not want to accept cookies from www.essenceskinclinic.com , you can change your browser
settings so that cookies are not accepted. If you choose to do this, please be aware www.essenceskinclinic.com may no longer function as intended and your viewing or functionality of our site may be impaired.

How Can I Turn My Cookies Off?
All popular browsers (e.g. Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge and Safari) allow you to amend your cookie
settings so that cookies are no longer enabled across all websites that you visit. You can find information
explaining how to disable cookies for the main browsers in the ‘Where to find information about controlling
cookies’ section at the Information Commissions website; www. Managing cookies | aboutcookies.org.uk
For any queries regarding your visit to www.essenceskinclinic.com , please contact our Customer Service
For more information about how we use the information you submit on this site, please read our Security
& Privacy Policy