You probably hear it said all the time: drink more water! The truth is, there are many benefits of drinking water for your hair, eyes, heart, circulation, and much more. But water has such an impact on your skin that we consider it to be a pretty essential beauty tool as well. There’s no way to deny just how important hydration is for your skin, regardless of where you live, your climate, your skin type, or anything else.

It’s worth noting, however, that hydrating is not the same as moisturizing. Moisturizing has its own place—and it should be a regular part of your daily skin regimen—but that’s for another article. When we say “hydration,” we’re talking about drinking water, at least eight glasses per day, according to health authorities. After all, your skin is an organ, and skin cells, like the cells of every organ in your body, need water to function and to keep your complexion at its best. Here are 4 benefits of drinking water for your skin.


  1. Water helps you stay toxin-free

Your skin is constantly fighting off toxins that cause irritation and inflammation. When your skin doesn’t have adequate amounts of water, it’s less healthy—and less equipped to get rid of these gross toxins.


  1. Water makes your skin less oily and acne-prone

Oily skin is a common complaint, but hydration is actually one of the keys to making acne-prone skin less oily. When your skin doesn’t have enough water, it sends signals to your glands to have them produce more oil, which defends the skin. So unfortunately, dehydrated skin only gets oilier, causing breakouts, blackheads, and general aggravation.


  1. Water improves your complexion

A lack of water can dry out your cells, causing flakiness and even the development of wrinkles. But think of your skin as a sponge: as soon as you put it under water, it grows more flexible and begins to expand. In the same way, proper hydration can help your skin look more plump and supple.

Furthermore, skin cells without water die at a much faster rate than normal, leading to dead skin cells that collect on top of your skin. This can even exacerbate conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and other disorders that can be a hassle to contend with. Stop the buildup of dead skin cells by drinking enough water, which can help alleviate some of the symptoms.


  1. Water helps you look younger

Hydrating replenishes the water that’s lacking in your skin cells and circulation, meaning your skin can better repair itself, get the nutrients it needs, and keep that healthy glow. And while drinking more water won’t miraculously shave ages off of your face overnight, it can at least help to slow the aging process. Well-hydrated skin has increased elasticity, which can help delay the appearance of those dreaded wrinkles and other signs of aging. Think of it this way: instead of paying for expensive anti-aging treatments, you can enhance your complexion by hydrating your skin to ensure that it stays soft and supple.

No skincare regimen is complete without proper hydration. These four benefits of drinking water for skin will keep your complexion naturally radiant, youthful, and healthy—all you have to do is remember to drink!