They say we should dress for success, but it’s not just about what you wear.

How your skin looks will make a big difference as well. It’s not just about how the world sees you, it’s also about how you view yourself. Having good skin helps you feel more confident in yourself, and in turn that confidence shows through in your interactions with others. It has been my mission for years to help women look their best; it was only natural that that evolved into creating my own products.

Throughout my years in the business, I’ve noticed time and time again: women are tired of having complicated skin care routines each and every day. There are a myriad of skin care creams, serums, lotions, scrubs, and more out there for women, each touting a different benefit. So let’s say you want hydration, and you want SPF benefits, and then something to help your skin look youthful, plus a mattifying cream. You’ll have quite the morning skin care routine. And that’s before you’ve even started putting on your makeup. Then it all repeats itself again before bed with different set of products. I set out to help remedy this issue by creating products that combine many of women’s needs into one product. Simplification is the key here!

Another issue I’ve seen in the beauty industry is the tendency to…let’s say…stretch the truth a bit when it comes to what’s inside.

A product may boldly state on the label that it has 100% vitamin C inside, or some trendy new natural antioxidant ingredient, which is true. But there’s a catch…that pure ingredient is one drop suspended in a bottle full of cream. I feel that that’s deceptive to the customer, and it needs to change. My products contain natural ingredients that are not diluted.

The need for honesty goes past just the ingredients list. Inflated product claims are an issue in the beauty industry, with many companies promising things their product can’t deliver or things they will do but not to the extent advertised. In fact, one study found that 82% of claims made by beauty products are false. That leaves women with too-high expectations as to what they will be getting out of their skin care items. I make certain my products do what they say they will. Again, no stretching the truth or broad, hyperbolic statements as to what my products do. My products are effective, and all offer long-term, long-lasting results. Some even offer immediate results.

Lastly, I wanted to make my skin care routine available beyond my clinic.

Creating my own product line helps me reach customers across the country who are looking for the same things I was looking for in a beauty brand. A big part of my philosophy is that a fresh, glowing face can make all the difference in a person’s perspective of themselves, and I want that to be accessible to everyone. Your skin says a lot about you, and I want every woman to look the way she feels like she should.