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At Essence Skin Clinic & Med Spa, our body services offer a transformative experience like no other. Our skilled professionals are dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty and giving your body the attention it deserves. Whether you’re seeking a relaxing spa body treatment or a specialized therapy to address specific wellness concerns, our range of services caters to all. From invigorating body treatments that leave you feeling refreshed and renewed to advanced therapies for holistic well-being, we’re committed to helping you achieve the physical vitality you’ve always desired. Come and indulge in a world of pampering and self-care at Essence Skin Clinic & Med Spas, where your body’s wellness is our top priority.


The Alma TED Procedure is a hair restoration treatment that can help patients reverse hair loss and grow healthier, thicker hair, and reduce shedding through a comfortable treatment that doesn’t require any trauma to the scalp.

Not only is the treatment comfortable, but it doesn’t require any topical anesthesia to promote comfort. The device uses patented technology to deliver acoustic sound waves and air pressure to the scalp, promoting natural hair restoration. There are no needles and no pain, just noticeable, long-lasting results.


Even when adhering to the healthiest dietary habits and rigorous exercise routines, certain areas of persistent fat can challenge your efforts. BodyFX harnesses cutting-edge technology to target and diminish these tenacious fat cells, offering you an opportunity to achieve your aesthetic aspirations without undergoing surgery, enduring discomfort, or requiring downtime.

This revolutionary body contouring treatment employs radiofrequency energy to address stubborn fat cells, resulting in a more confident appearance and the realization of your desired body composition.


BOTOX® is a neuromodulator made of highly purified proteins that block communication between the brain, nerve signals, and muscles. Injections into different muscles can treat cosmetic and medical concerns by relaxing those muscles and temporarily inhibiting regular muscular activity.

This safe and effective cosmetic injectable has been meeting the needs of men and women for over 20 years and continues to maintain its status as the most popular and widespread cosmetic treatment. Essence Skin Clinic is the number one BOTOX® provider in Rochester, MN, so you can feel confident in your treatments knowing that you’ll receive personalized care and exceptional results.


Even the healthiest diet and strictest exercise routine can prove ineffective at targeting and eliminating stubborn fat cells. Stubborn fat cells are typically resistant to diet and exercise, meaning no matter how clean you eat or how hard you exercise, they seem to stay put. CoolSculpting® can eliminate those stubborn fat cells with advanced cooling technology so you can safely reach your goals without surgery, discomfort, downtime, or pain.

This body contouring treatment freezes and destroys stubborn fat cells in one or several body areas so you can feel more confident in your appearance and achieve your ideal body composition.


Even with a dedicated diet and exercise routine, certain muscle groups can be challenging to target effectively. Emsculpt utilizes advanced technology to address this concern by stimulating muscle contractions, resulting in improved muscle tone and enhanced contours. This treatment offers a unique way to enhance your physique and boost your confidence.


Laser hair removal is a professional treatment that relies on the power of laser energy to remove unwanted hair from the face and body. At Essence Skin Clinic, we offer laser treatments with the Soprano Titanium device. This laser device uses three different wavelengths to remove hair from the face and body and can effectively and safely treat patients of all Fitzpatrick skin types.

The Soprano Titanium is superior to all other similar devices of its kind because of its large spot size, the way that it can perform quick and comfortable treatments, and its patient-centered ICE Plus continuous contact cooling technology. It also has two connectors to improve treatments and uses clinically proven 3D technology to enhance treatment results.


Even with a commitment to a healthy lifestyle, unwanted tattoos can linger as reminders of the past. Our Laser Tattoo Removal treatment employs cutting-edge technology to effectively target and remove unwanted tattoos. By harnessing the power of advanced lasers, we can safely and efficiently break down tattoo ink, allowing your skin to regain its natural beauty.


Even with dedicated efforts toward maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise routine, certain areas of stubborn fat may persist. SculpSure® employs advanced laser technology to precisely target and reduce these stubborn fat cells, allowing you to achieve your aesthetic goals without the need for surgery, discomfort, downtime, or pain.

This body contouring treatment utilizes controlled laser energy to eliminate unwanted fat cells, helping you attain a more confident appearance and reach your desired body composition.


Semaglutide injections are weight loss injections that are FDA approved to help patients accelerate their weight loss results while undergoing a weight management plan. The active ingredient in this medication mimics a hormone in the body responsible for regulating blood sugar and appetite.

The quick and virtually painless subcutaneous regular weekly injections increase insulin secretion while reducing the rate at which the stomach empties food. By suppressing appetite, this injectable medication promotes feelings of fullness for longer periods, resulting in a decreased appetite and a correlating decreased caloric intake.


Even with meticulous skincare routines, certain skin issues can persist, such as sun damage, age spots, uneven skin tone, and signs of aging. BBL Laser technology is the answer to these concerns, utilizing advanced light energy to target and improve your skin’s texture and complexion. This treatment is conducted using precise wavelengths that effectively target specific skin concerns, enabling you to achieve your desired skin enhancements without surgical procedures or prolonged recovery periods.

BBL Laser technology operates by emitting controlled bursts of light energy onto the skin’s surface. This energy gently heats the targeted areas, stimulating the production of collagen, while simultaneously addressing pigmentation irregularities and other imperfections, leading to smoother, more youthful-looking skin.


This is a method by which spider veins can be eradicated. No anesthesia is required. The procedure is the current state of the art for spider vein elimination. A usual treatment takes about 20-30 minutes. The veins are injected with a liquid solution which is converted into a foam (sort of like a shaving cream). The foam then spreads throughout the spider veins. Over a few weeks, these veins will dissolve. Sometimes several treatments may be necessary.


At Essence Skin Clinic, we offer a range of waxing services designed to meet your specific hair removal needs:

  • Experience the smoothness of waxing for various body areas
  • Benefit from meticulous attention to detail for precise hair removal
  • Achieve silky, hair-free skin that lasts longer than traditional methods
  • Enjoy a comfortable and effective hair removal experience with our skilled estheticians

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