At Essence Skin Clinic in Rochester, MN, we proudly offer SculpSure®, an innovative body contouring treatment designed to complement your healthy lifestyle by targeting and eliminating stubborn fat deposits. Our personalized approach ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of non-invasive, non-surgical fat reduction and achieve the sculpted body you desire.

What Is SculpSure®?

Even with dedicated efforts toward maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise routine, certain areas of stubborn fat may persist. SculpSure® employs advanced laser technology to precisely target and reduce these stubborn fat cells, allowing you to achieve your aesthetic goals without the need for surgery, discomfort, downtime, or pain.

This body contouring treatment utilizes controlled laser energy to eliminate unwanted fat cells, helping you attain a more confident appearance and reach your desired body composition.

What Are the Advantages?

Undergoing a SculpSure® treatment plan at Essence Skin Clinic offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Administered by skilled body contouring specialists
  • Gradual and natural-looking results over time
  • Customized treatment plans addressing single or multiple areas
  • Relaxing and pain-free experience
  • FDA-approved and clinically proven for safe and effective outcomes
  • DualSculpting techniques for simultaneous targeting of two body areas
  • Long-lasting results
  • Minimal to no downtime required

Frequently Asked Questions

What Areas Can Be Treated?

SculpSure® is FDA-approved to address stubborn fat in multiple body areas, such as the abdomen, flanks, thighs, and more. During your initial consultation, our experts will discuss your specific concerns and design a tailored treatment plan that aligns with your goals.

How Does SculpSure® Work?

SculpSure® technology employs controlled laser energy to heat and damage fat cells beneath the skin’s surface. The body’s natural processes then eliminate these damaged fat cells over time, leading to a reduction in fat volume and visible improvements in the treated areas.

Is There Any Recovery Time?

There is typically minimal to no recovery time associated with SculpSure® treatments. You can resume your daily activities immediately after the procedure.

When Will Results Be Visible?

Results become apparent within weeks following the treatment as your body naturally eliminates the damaged fat cells. Initial changes can be noticed around three to four weeks post-treatment, with continued improvement over time.

Long-Term Benefits

SculpSure® results are designed to be long-lasting. Once treated fat cells are eliminated from the body, they do not return. However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can contribute to maintaining your desired body composition.

Why Choose Essence Skin Clinic?

Our commitment to delivering exceptional results is underscored by the expertise of our practitioners. At Essence Skin Clinic, you will receive SculpSure® treatments administered by experienced technicians who possess an in-depth understanding of this innovative procedure. With a legacy of 35 years in the industry, our team has the proficiency to create a personalized treatment plan that aligns with your individual goals and body composition.

Sculpt Your Body, Revel in Long-Term Outcomes

If you’re intrigued by the transformative potential of SculpSure® and how it can complement your pursuit of a sculpted body, we are here to assist. Contact us to schedule a consultation where we can provide further insights into this effective body contouring treatment. We can guide you through the process, assess your suitability, and craft a personalized treatment plan aimed at helping you achieve a more defined and confident version of yourself.

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