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At Essence Skin Clinic in Rochester, MN, we help patients improve their appearance with BOTOX® treatment plans. This cosmetic injectable provides an effective solution for the most common expression lines that form on the upper half of the face. However, its uses aren’t limited to cosmetic treatments as it also can alleviate pain and discomfort stemming from different muscle-related medical conditions.

What Is BOTOX®?

BOTOX® is a neuromodulator made of highly purified proteins that block communication between the brain, nerve signals, and muscles. Injections into different muscles can treat cosmetic and medical concerns by relaxing those muscles and temporarily inhibiting regular muscular activity.

This safe and effective cosmetic injectable has been meeting the needs of men and women for over 20 years and continues to maintain its status as the most popular and widespread cosmetic treatment. Essence Skin Clinic is the number one BOTOX® provider in Rochester, MN, so you can feel confident in your treatments knowing that you’ll receive personalized care and exceptional results.

A Cosmetic Treatment

More than just a household name, this injectable can fill in the gaps left by even the most stringent and dedicated skincare routine and commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Those who have noticed mild, moderate, or more advanced expression lines on the upper half of the face and have tried alternative treatments to reduce them but have been unsuccessful can benefit from a BOTOX® treatment plan.

It is the only cosmetic injectable of its kind FDA-approved to smooth three of the most common expression lines, including forehead lines, crow’s feet, and frown lines. It also has some off-label uses that can enhance the features, combat aging, and help patients achieve their aesthetic ideals. These include the following:

  • Treating bunny lines
  • Improving the appearance of the jawline
  • Smoothing oral commissures and chin wrinkles
  • Reducing the appearance of platysmal bands on the neck

A Medical Treatment

We can also design treatment plans for patients who want to alleviate the symptoms of health conditions causing pain and discomfort or detracting from their quality of life. BOTOX® provides an effective solution for hyperhidrosis, which causes excessive and profuse sweating typically but not limited to the underarm area. It can temporarily reduce sweat production by inhibiting the sweat glands to help patients feel less self-conscious and enjoy an improved quality of life.

We can also use it to treat TMJ pain by relaxing tense jaw muscles. Patients who experience several migraine days each month and haven’t found an effective solution to reduce that pain with traditional treatments may benefit from a BOTOX® treatment plan as it can work to temporarily reduce migraine pain.

What Are the Treatment Benefits?

If you’re looking for an effective and long-lasting solution to treat expression lines or alleviate TMJ, migraine pain, or hyperhidrosis, this injectable may be the perfect treatment option. Some of the treatment benefits include the following:

  • Treatments are quick and take less than 30 minutes
  • Patients can schedule treatments and return to work within their lunch break hour
  • There’s no social downtime
  • Results are relatively fast-acting
  • The treatment results will last for several months at a time
  • Follow-up treatment will keep lines and wrinkles at bay indefinitely
  • It’s safe and FDA-approved
  • It’s an effective option for patients with all different skin types and tones

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Treatment Should I Expect?

BOTOX® treatments are quick, precise, and comfortable. The injectable has a very thin and small needle; injections are quick, and each takes seconds to complete.

Some patients prefer a topical numbing cream before treatment; others do not and find the treatment virtually painless. We will inject the necessary number of units into your desired treatment areas to help you reach your aesthetic or medical treatment goals, and depending on your treatment plan, we can treat one or multiple areas during a single appointment.

Is There Downtime?

There’s no social downtime after your treatment, but you must temporarily refrain from certain activities and blood-thinning supplements and medications and make an extra effort to protect your treatment areas. You will need to avoid strenuous activity 24 hours after your treatment, so if you plan on working out, do so before your treatment.

You will also need to avoid hot environments that increase your body temperature, touching the injection sites, and specific professional skin care treatments that could interfere with your results. You must also keep your head elevated for at least four hours after treatment to avoid product migration. We will provide a thorough list of post-care instructions so that you can take every measure necessary to ensure the best results.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

After your treatment, you can expect results within the first week. Best results are visible 30 days after treatment and last three to four months on average. The longevity of your results ultimately depends on how quickly your body metabolizes the product.

Some patients metabolize the product quickly and need follow-up treatments every three months, while some can go as long as six months before another treatment. After your initial appointment, you’ll get a better idea of how your body metabolizes the product so you can schedule your follow-up treatments accordingly.

Experience the Benefits of BOTOX®

Whether you want to treat cosmetic concerns, medical concerns, or both, we can design a treatment plan with this cosmetic injectable that meets your needs. An initial consultation is the perfect way to learn more about the treatment and confirm whether you’re a good candidate so you can experience all the treatment benefits, feel more confident in your appearance, or live free from discomfort.

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